2nd Dialogue and Peace Iftar Dinner

The world witnessed a true picture of dialogue and peace during the 2nd Dialogue and Peace Iftar Dinner held on 23rd July, 2013 in Trancorp Hilton Abuja when it hosted 300 dignitaries. The dinner started with the call of azan (Muslim call to prayer) this kick started the Dialogue and Peace Iftar Dinner.

This Iftar unlike others was a combination of colours around the world from diplomats of various embassies in Nigeria to Captain of Business Industries to Archbishops to Imams just to mention few. All seated together showing the true picture of Dialogue and Peace.


The evening was  an atmosphere of dialogue and peace which paved way for the President of Ufuk Dialogue Foundation to  give an opening speech which he made  emphasis on the common values we share as humans and he also encouraged all the invited guests to promote these values. Values such as love and tolerance, peace, mutual understanding and self confidence; these values were the theme of the Iftar dinner. The opening prayers were done by Imam Alhaji Maqari Deputy Chief Imam Central Mosque and Very.Rev. Father Madu, The Secretary General of Catholic Secretariat. 

Awards were presented to the dialogue and peace newspapers of the year for having truly showed a great deal of professionalism in reporting events. The recipients of the awards made remarks on the need for peace and dialogue as a way of developing a society.  Among the recipients of this award were Daily Trust and Leadership Newspapers. The President of foundation. On behalf of Daily Trust The Chairman of Media Trust Yusuf Kabiru received the award during the event.

The Iftar dinner was truly showed the vision and mission of Ufuk Dialogue foundation. Being an annual event the foundation was able to bring people of different faiths, colour and race together one same table creating the unity in diversity and also making them to understand that what we have in common is much greater than our differences.

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